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Listing Solutions


There should be NO EXCUSES why your home did not sell. At Listing Solutions we use state of the art listing advertising to help secure buyers from all walks of life.  Our founder has been a real estate investor since 1979, worked in the mortgage banking industry for over 20 years and has learned from the best! Let us meet with you to share our internet marketing plan. Listing Solutions is the marketing divison for Butler Real Estate and Investment Group. Butler Real Estate and Investment Group has been helping investors secure, repair, remodel and sell homes for a prifit by making houses, homes!

 If you really want to sell your home, let our professionals price it RIGHT!.  The biggest mistake sellers make is over-pricing their homes. Unfortunately, most listing agents, go along with the seller just to get the listing, then reduce the price when the home does not sell, losing valuable time.

Another reason sellers do not sell their homes is they refuse to "unclutter" their home. Walk through a model home, this is what your home should look like.

Ask your agent, how many Open Houses should I expect?  What type of advertising is in their marketing plan and most importantly, does your agent know how to Pre-qualify the buyers who are interested?

What you need is someone who is honest with you and has the professionalism to tell you what your house will sell for and any concerns they have about your home. For example, a RED bedroom.  Red is not a bad color, but trust me, if a buyer is spending top dollar for a home, they want to move in their furniture and be done with it, they do not want to paint and make repairs!

Listing Solutions has their own construction/repair division who, if needed can make the necessary corrections for pennies on the dollar, AND GET PAID THROUGH ESCROW....NO one ELSE OFFERS THIS SERVICE!  Of course if you have your own personal handyman there is no pressure to use our professionals. (photos upon request)

Finally, the best part about Listing Solutions, we guarantee we will save you money......and a lot of it. 

We have offices in Los Angeles and Orange County.  Contact us today for more information on selling your home FAST at  714-745-6348 or email










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